NDR | Panorama- die Reporter

These are animated illustrations I did for a german TV-Documentary. It deals with the forced marriage of a young woman from Turkey to a turkish man living in Germany. Soon after the wedding her husband began to mistreat her. Never being able to liberate herself from her situation for almost 20 years, she committed suicide at the age of 40. The animations show several events described either in excerpts from her diary or police files. Authors: Esra Özer Birgit Wärnke Camera: Birgit Wärnke Dirk Schwartz Volker Kintzinger Edit: Anna Peper Desk: Lutz Ackermann Dietmar Schiffermüller Conduct: Stephan Wels

This a cutdown of the animated parts only. Watch the full documentary here: http://www.ndr.de/fernsehen/sendungen/panorama_die_reporter/Panorama-Die-Reporter,sendung244200.html
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